Cookie Policy

Cookies are small strings of text saved on your computer by the websites you visit. They are widely used to allow the website to operate more efficiently and to supply the site’s owner with information. They are used to record the preferences of and information about visitors to the specific website (credentials, language, location, etc.). Some information is used for statistical and marketing purposes.
Most browsers enable users to manage their use of cookies by means of their options.


_session (deleted when the browser shuts down)
_persistent (deleted after a preset period of time)
_first-party (only legible by the domain being visited)
_third-party (created by parties and domains external to the site being visited).

Cookies used on this site

_ga, _gat (Google Analytics): Used to gather information about how visitors use the site. This information is used to compile reports and help us to improve the site.
NID, SNID, OGPC, PREF (Google): Third-party cookies used by Google to improve services and users’ navigation experience.
PHPSESSID: Technical cookie used to manage user sessions. Deleted when the browser is shut down.
cb-enabled: Technical cookie used to save the user’s choice with regard to the use of cookies.

Further information

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